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The power to know and passport to go.

vitacheck is dedicated to building access to a worldwide platform of service providers in the world of diagnostic testing. Through a developed network of laboratories around the world and a rapidly growing number of service points, vitacheck provides end-end solutions and all of our health service providers around the world are dedicated to ensuring the best services are provided.

We partner with companies of all sizes, all around the world

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Global Containment

The world and its governments have struggled to contain coronavirus as it has spread around the world in a matter of months. The current strain of Covid-19 that is globally prevalent is highly transmissible. Researchers finding that an estimated 20 percent of people with a Coronavirus infection are asymptomatic but still contagious so able to spread the virus.

While it’s critical to continue practicing good hygiene, physical distancing, and mask-wearing to reduce the spread of the COVID-19, a coherent testing regime is the only viable method of containing the ongoing transmission until the world population has full and equal access to an effective vaccine.

Testing Challenges

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic and countries take an individual approach to rapidly changing circumstances, COVID-19 testing remains mainly based on prioritisation, with general population screening not being offered routinely due to limits on available tests and lab capacity, which in turn can delay result turnaround times.

In addition, the number and types of available tests vary widely dependent on the country, geographic region and local health care facility. The Vitacheck network provides the solution for implementing a globally connected, coherent, rapid and reliable WHO gold standard COVID-19 testing & tracking methodology for the world community.

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Our Digital Health Pass

vitacheck offers its customers an integrated cloud based, cyber-secure digital health verification platform; using technology for good to help people get back to work, travel and restart events, safely and responsibly.

Our mission is to give individuals a digital health pass to securely receive, store and share their test results, certificates and personal health information. We put individuals in control of their health data, allowing them to decide what to share and when.

vitacheck provides health authorities with the anonymised aggregated data required for public health and organisations with an intuitive health management platform to suit their business needs.

vitacheck Hotel & Restaurant Testing Services

Working with our partners around the world, vitacheck provides efficient and cost-effective testing for hotel and restaurant employees.

To help reduce the spread of Covid-19, it is vital that all of our clients provide testing programs that are managed by trained nurses and provide secure digital solutions.

With our nurses leading the frontline testing and our digital health technology partner, tested.me, we provide a trusted solution for your company and for your visitors, whatever their testing requirements.

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Digital Health Solutions from tested.me

Be a leader in social responsibility and drive positive change for your customers and employees with tested.me, a digital health solution for your organisation. At once offering your visitors a secure wallet to receive and store their test results & certificates, and your employees a digital health pass to share with you, their employer.

Being a responsible employer has never been important and with tested.me you can reduce the administrative burden of managing testing protocols and ensure the health of your workforce and premises.

We’ve made it as simple as possible to share your choice of health data whenever you want to and everything we do has data security and privacy at its core. Your trust is as important to us as your health and happiness is to you.

Be Responsible

Comply with the latest Government guidance.

Be In Control

View data about your employees and their health status

Be Safe

See who’s been refused entry to your building and why

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Learn more about our labratory solutions

vitacheck is dedicated to building access to a worldwide platform of service providers in the world of diagnostic testing.

Different Tests, Different Results, Different Uses

Finger-prick, nose swabs, home testing, PCR, RDT, antibodies, antigens. 15 minutes or 72 hours. 99% accuracy vs 50% failure. When performed correctly, most tests are at least 95% accurate. But there is still only one gold standard for Covid-19 detection.

In a nutshell, here’s a look at the most widely used tests.

Test Name PCR
(Polymerase Chain Reaction)
PCR (Lamp)
(Polymerase Chain Reaction, constant temperature)
Antigen RDT
(Rapid Detection Test)
Antibody RDT
(Rapid Detection Test)

Collection Methods Deep nasal or throat swab by practitioner Shallow- and deep-nasal or throat swab or saliva Finger prick, saliva, or shallow nasal swab Finger prick

Max result speed 1 hour 30 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes

Tells Me If I’m currently infected by an exposure of 2 or more days ago. If I’m currently infected by an exposure from 4 or more days ago. If I’m contagious If I have ever been infected and, to a lesser extent, if I’m still contagious

Useful For All need-to-know situations In conjuncton with PCR as part of regular testing regimen (regular contact bubble) In conjuncton with PCR as part of regular testing regimen (regular contact bubble) In conjuncton with PCR as part of regular testing regimen and government statistical purposes.

Advantages Gold standard. Highest level of sensitivity and accuracy. Easy collection options, fast results Low cost, fast, easy (do-it-yourself) collection Low cost, fast, easy (do-it-yourself) collection

Disadvantages invasive collection, minimum 1 hour turnaround, requires diagnostic lab, most expensive, Less accurate than non-LAMP PCR, not widely accepted Only detects high-contagion levels, not widely accepted Doesn’t tell you if you are currently infected