Making diagnosis and prevention as globally connected as we are.

vitacheck’s international approach treats basic human health care and preparedness as a global societal benefit which can bring greater happiness, mobility and financial security to all people.

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What we do

vitacheck fills the gap between lab and human. We are on a mission to deliver preventative healthcare through diagnostics.

How we do it

Great customer journey; our team is always ready to walk you through every step of the way and our nurses on hand to provide support.

Why we do it

To enable user control in diagnostic testing, we deliver; Access to cutting edge diagnostic support, the optimum network of locations and brilliant customer journeys.

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Our elegant and convenient covid test traveling clinics

Global trust requires consistently high quality, easily recognised environments, digital and analog communications, anywhere in the world. Our clinics provide the calm of a spa, with the scientific practicality of a hospital clinic.

Services and Solutions

vitacheck is dedicated to building access to a worldwide platform of service providers in the world of diagnostic testing.

Laboratory Builds

From our mobile labs to retail spaces built to fit any size, vitacheck has the ability to create a friendly testing environment.

Laboratory Equipment Supplies

Through a network of audited vendors, vitacheck can deliver medical equipment and supplies directly to your retail space.

Local and Regional Testing

We work closely with a global network of laboratories to provide a range of preventative healthcare-based testing.

Digital Health Service Providers

Aiming to provide an easy journey to access, manage, and privately share your health data with the help of our partners.

Digital Preventative Health Tests

Coronavirus, gene tests, DNA etc, women’s wellness, sexual wellness, men’s wellness and general wellness.

GP Medical Service

Convenient 24/7 access to personal and corporate General Practitioners anywhere around the world.


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Laboratory Build Service

Our rapidly growing worldwide testing infrastructure delivers a global solution to a global problem. With partners in all areas of the globe, we can deliver testing clinics to the location you need.

some of our partners have existing labs, for others vitacheck are building new labs to add capacity, as well as introducing mobile clinics for those that need a flexible or in-field solution. with individual laboratory capacities in the 1,000’s per day, we are sure to have a solution that meets your needs.

Helping to create both community bubbles and travel corridors, wherever you need us.

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We've partnered with the best in the industry

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